Ycp's Ait

Dhananjay Ramesh Zatke - Placed In Amdocs

First of all, I would like to thank our Director Sir. In our induction, sir had said the statement,Ē Do Hardwork, Hardwork PaysĒ. I have implemented it and thatís the only reason I have been placed in the first company which come in campus of Mumbai region, on the first day in my first ever Professional Interview. Thank you Pradnya Madam, Bharti Madam and Surbhi Madam for your support. I would like to give a message to the upcoming batch students ďJust do hardwork guyzz. Give your dedication in these whole six months. You all are going to get placed in good companies. All that you have to do is just believe in yourself. Give your best in these Six months. The once who are good in Maths, guyzz you have made right decision by joining C-DAC YCP. Mark my words the ones who are good in maths they are surely going to be Great Coder in IT industry.
Thank you AIT YCP for supporting me in Placements.
My advice to the new comers, please donít miss any session of Business Communication Module and Aptitude. And one more thing whatever have been taught to you daily please revise it daily. Donít give excuses of time, study when you are traveling in local. No matter how busy you are you have to give time to the Technical stuff.
Remember Guyzz You have to Try before you Cry; be a Warrior than a worrier; You can have endless hope than to have hopeless end;
All The Best Guyzz.
Study Well. Make your Parents feel proud.

Sandeep Kumar

I joined C-DAC PG-DAC Course at AIT (YCP). They played a huge role in terms of learning and to get familiar with various new technologies which are in high demand in the IT sector.

The management team is co-operative and guides very professionally.

Also the soft-skills sessions they conducted for the students helped very well while facing the interviews or any sorts of rounds which companies conduct while recruiting.

From my-side there is a huge appreciation for everything they have done and the time they took to invest in my future.

Vidhyadhar Yewale

I had Joined CDAC PG-DAC course at YCP-AIT center for DAC FEB 2015 Batch. The Learning experience & staff and all the faculty members were very supportive and helpful. It was good 6 months exposure to me IT Technology was very helpful in my career growth as well. I would like to thank all the YCP staff especially Bharti mam for her help and support provided to every individual overall, It was good experience to be part of YCP-AIT

Satish Udgave

I joined YCP-AIT to pursue my PG-DAC Diploma course provided by C-DAC.
AIT provided me excellent platform to grow my technical as well as communication skills.
I really enjoyed 6 months of C-DAC , After completing this course, I got placed in 3I-infotech banglore
I would like to thanks to teaching staff and non- teaching staff.

Varsha Shinde

I Joined YCP AIT to pursue my PG-DAC Diploma course provided by C-DAC.
AIT provided me excellent platform to grow my technical as well as communication skills.
I really enjoiyed the 6 months of C-DAC . After completing this course I got placement in Control Case with 3.6 lakh P. A. I spent wonderfull time with YCP I learned many thing here. Faculties were very supportive. I am very thank full to YCP.

Chetan Purohit

I Joined YCP-AIT to pursue my PG-DAC Diploma course provided by C-DAC .
I would like to share my experience during the entire C-DAC course. Before joining this course I didnít have knowledge about many new technologies like Java advanced, Dot Net ,AWP and YCP AIT also gives the extra lectures as Cloud computing during 6 months I got enough knowledge to get a Job in the MNC 3i-infotech
I would like to thanks all the faculty members of YCP-AIT and teaching and non teaching staff also.
Specially thanks to Bharti mam and Trupti mam.

Gaurav S. Jadhav

I joined C-DAC Feb 2015 batch. I am very thankful to YCPAIT as they provided me excellent platform to develop
my technical as well as communication skills I am very thankful to my placement Co-ordinater Bharati Mam and course co-ordinater Pradyna mam for their support during Placement process.

Harshad S. Mandlik

I joined the PG ĖDAC course for the batch Feb. 2015 at YCP center which provided a good platform to learn the technical skills as well as communication skills.
The Business Communication lecture which were hold in C-DAC helped me a lot to crack the many rounds in Deloitte and get placed
Deloitte mainly was looking into the communication part and a basic knowledge of the technical so I Think communication lecture are also same important as that of technical which AITíS YCP have taken care of Thank You.

Dipak Patil

I am Dipak Patil before joining the PG-DAC, C-DAC course from AIT (YCP), I have work experience of 2.5 years after leaving the job I have undergone different courses like PLC AUTOMATION, MCSA & MBA but I did not have job. C-DAC PG-DAC Course helped me in increasing my knowledge and now I got placed in TASAA Software Services Pvt. Ltd. Itís credit goes to AIT (YCP) both technical & non-teaching staff helped me a lot. I would also like to thank Bharti Mam & Manish Sir.

Harshal J. Nandgaonkar

I am Harshal J. Nandgaonkar student of AIT (YCP) done CCAC Course (Certificate Course in Advanced Computing). I am sharing my experience with you. Before joining AIT (YCP) did not got any opportunity to work in Information Technology industry, but AIT (YCP) gave me that opportunity & I am very thankful to them.

Here I got opportunity to enlarge my knowledge. Faculties are very helpful & provided support to enlarge my knowledge. Rahul and Apurva Sir they are always try to explain my mistakes and improve my knowledge.

I got placed in CMC Limited Company as Software Engineer. Once again I am thankful to AIT (YCP) for giving me this opportunity.

Bhavana Wankhede

I am Bhavana Wankhede student of the Diploma in Java Programming. I have done B. E. in Information Technology still I was not having job. But after completing my Diploma in Java Programming C-DAC Course from AIT (YCP), I got placed in the CMC Limited Company.
When I joined AIT (YCP) my confidence got increased and the teaching of this institute is also good. Staff supported me a lot that is why I got placed in a good company. Heartly thanks to AIT (YCP) staff and Placement Co-ordinator.

Ashutosh Dubey

I am Ashutosh Dubey after completing B.E my technical knowledge was very poor than I decided to do C-DAC PG-DAC Course from AIT (YCP). Now finally I am placed in Avenues India Pvt. Ltd. Itís a credit goes to AIT (YCP), teaching as well as non teaching staff helped me a lot. I would like to also thank bharti mam.

Dnyaneshwar M. Chaudhari

I am Dnyaneshwar M. Chaudhari before joining the PG-DAC, C-DAC course from AIT (YCP), I had not any knowledge about computer language, and my knowledge about computer languages was zero level before joining the course. But under proper guidance of visiting faculties and staff members my knowledge increased and helped cleared all my doubt about different language. Thank you to staff members and visiting faculties of AIT (YCP) for giving me best platform for my career.

Jueeli Chaudhari

I Jueeli Chaudhari was student of AIT (YCP) August 2013 batch after completing B.E. I experienced that getting a job in todayís market is very difficult, and so I decided to join C-DAC PG-DAC Course in AIT (YCP).

Now, I have completed my course and I am having good technical knowledge of almost all current technologies.
I am thankful to AIT (YCP) for providing high quality faculty members. It helped me to grow professionally and to build self-confidence. Special thanks to Director Sir, Course Co-ordinator and whole AIT (YCP) team.

Now I got placed in APL solutions and really Thanks alot to all people of AIT (YCP).

Vaibhav Lohkare

This is good institute. I am very thankful to AIT (YCP). The staff is very helpful and co-operative. PG-DAC C-DAC courses is very good platform which gave me a chance to work with Celusion Technology, Mumbai. I am always thankful for AIT (YCP) to placement me.
Thanking you AIT (YCP)!!!

Pravin B. Wagh

After B. E. I was lacking in my technical & communication skills, by joining the PG-DAC C-DAC course at AIT (YCP) improved me a lot. This course helped me improve my technical knowledge and other communication skills. AIT (YCP) is one of the best center for doing C-DAC course. The center staff is very helpful & the teaching faculties over here are one of the best faculties in the industry. So doing the PG-DAC, C-DAC course at AIT (YCP) is very helpful. And as a result of these I got placed in Bluestar Infotech ltd, which is a nice company to start as fresher in the IT industry.

Kamni Jaiswal

I want to say that the faculties of AIT (YCP) are good they give us the right direction for move. The library facility was very good in AIT (YCP). Technical team, Lab Faculty and Office Staff are also very good and helping in nature. I enjoyed each & every moment in AIT (YCP). I have done many mistakes, but my faculty was very nice, they taught me the right thing to do. I am totally satisfied with C-DAC Course & AIT (YCP). It gave me the opportunity to get placed in ECI Telecom with the package of 4.2 lacs p.a.

Akanksha Mohobansi

Being from Chemical field. Computer and languages related to it was totally new for me. But within this Six Months, I got all the knowledge about all the subjects and got a very good training. We got support of all the teaching & non-teaching staff.

All the efforts put by them have contributed to my success and I got placed in the first Interview itself. I really enjoyed these six months in AIT (YCP). Now I am placed in Birdís Eye Systems.

Rakesh Jadhav

I would like to thanks AIT (YCP) Technical and Non Ė Teaching staff everyone, who have taught me, for their support, guidance and sharing knowledge with me.

Before coming in AIT (YCP) my technical as well as personal skills was not so strong, but PG-DAC C-DAC course and faculty to increase my knowledge a lot and I have got placed in SYNOPSYS Company with a package of 2.6 L. P. A.

Rupesh Ramesh Tupsoundray

After completing engineering from Electronics and Telecommunication, I experienced that getting a job without a technical skill is very difficult. So I switched by career by joining C-DAC course at AIT (YCP) and my technical skills really improved. Now I am placed in CAPGEMINI as Software Engineer.

This is all because of AIT (YCP).